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We offer fast, instant, secure and streamlined payment solutions suitable for all types of businesses. With us, you save time and reduce money transfer costs

High speed transfers

Intuitive interface

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How it works

With fast and easy activation, users make payments quickly using their email address and password. Payment security is guaranteed: we will walk you through each step, from the moment money is received in your account until the time it is credited to the recipient’s bank.

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Smart solutions for you and your business

Easy payments

Our hosted solution allows adding cards, wallets, instant bank transfers and cash payment methods by merging them into one system.

Real-time monitoring

View constantly updated information of payments made in a convenient and customizable personal account without unnecessary functions.

Fraud protection system

All payment transactions carried out on our platform are protected by the international PCI DSS standard and support 3D Secure technology.


With our service it is possible to make international payments in different currencies, receive money from abroad and exchange it on the same account.

Minimum requirements

You do not need to understand the protocols and functions on your own, as well as set up the equipment. Integration is ensured by our services and systems.


Complete information on the transaction flow, as well as business analytics for the specified parameters, and data management.

What will you get?

Discover the advantages of using our service for creating a website, running an online store or managing social media

Full customisation

Customer experience is fully controlled by our user-friendly tools. Flexible and highly customizable, the platform facilitates rapid change to workflow, provides effective management and control over your services, and integrates easily with other systems.

Data security

Being a Level 1 PCI DSS-compliant service provider who values data security, we are dedicated to safeguarding the information of clients in accordance with accepted industry norms and regulations.

Risk managment

We ensure the safety of our customers, suppliers, and employees by verifying their activities extensively. The latest and most effective software helps us monitor the response instantly and prevent any fraud or cyberattacks.


To change the status of Grant API payment methods or to change subscription status, you can create webhooks. When an important event occurs, webhooks send information to a specified destination instead of requiring you to receive information via our API.

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